At Pondok Indah International Counseling we understand your need for privacy and flexibility.

All of our communications and services are handled by qualified counselors and treated privately, discretely and completely confidentially.

We aim to accommodate your personal requests and also offer our services outside of office hours, during the weekend, and even at your preferred location. Besides the preferred face-to-face experience, we are available via videoconference and telephone call – general advice and information is available via Whatsapp messaging. Our qualified counselors speak English, Dutch, German and Bahasa Indonesia.

Individual ConselingWe believe that sometimes it is just good to talk! Our counselors are here for you, wether you just need to get something off your chest, you are dealing with a specific problem or need help in reaching a specific therapeutic goal. We are here to assist you during your difficult time. Counseling may cover any topic that you are dealing with, common themes are mental health, stress, anxiety, depression, fobia, motivation, cultural adjustment, work-life balance, conflict, grief, life transitions, parenting, addiction, relationships, mindfulness, emotional support and self-help.

Sometimes our most precious loved ones may need a little help too. Wether it is with mental health, academic ability and development, or social pressures. Our counselors are familiar with common topics such as ADHD, depression in children, academic pressures and other stress related issues, bullying, communication and the generation gap, modern parenting, and psychometric testing.

Has your relationship hit a bump in the road, does your family find it difficult to communicate constructively, or are you involved in another type of conflict? Our counselors are here and ready to listen to you. Worried about airing out your dirty laundry? Chances are that your counselor has heard it all before, you are not the only one, and reaching out for help is a great first step towards making things better.
Family or couples counseling is available to individuals, couples and families, and covers common topics such as communication, conflict, love, trust, interests, sexuality, infidelity, divorce, anger and healing. We also offer mediation services for those conflicts which seem to have reached a dead-end.

Corporate ServicesPondok Indah International Counseling also offers services specifically for companies and organisations. We pride ourselves in working together with (international/intercultural) schools, embassies and the United Nations. When it comes to your organisation’s needs, you know best! Contact us so we may set up a special package together. Our corporate services include customisable counselling packages that may be offered to your staff and employees. We also provide several forms of training, presentations and psychometric testing & advice. Common programs cover mental health issues, motivation, how to stay (mentally) healthy at work, work-life balance and burnout prevention.

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