Frequently Asked Questions

Our office is located in Pondok Indah, South Jakarta. You may find us at Jalan Sultan Iskandar Muda (Arteri Pondok Indah) Kav. 24, Jakarta Selatan. 12240.

Understanding of your specific needs, we aim to be as flexible as possible and offer our services outside of our office too. Do you feel most comfortable talking at your own home, at your place of business, at your child’s school, or in your favourite coffee shop? Do let us know!

Our office hours are from 8AM – 5PM on Mondays to Fridays. Upon request, our services are also available outside of office hours and in the weekends – depending on the counselor’s availability.

From the start, we will be your attentive listener. We understand that if may be a big step to reach out to us. Therefore, all of our communications are being handled by a qualified counselor directly. Anything that you share with us will be treated privately, discretely and with full confidentiality.
In order to learn more about you, before your first session we will ask you to fill out a standard intake-form. Do you prefer to share in person, then that’s okay too!

Since it is the first time you meet with your counselor, there is usually quite a bit that you have to share. We like to take our time for you – first sessions last 120 minutes. You can expect your counselor to be a good listener and willing to offer a helping hand, no matter what – counselors never judge! Feel free to share as much or as little as you feel comfortable with. We are respectful and appreciative of everyone’s personal stories and experiences. We strive to make each experiences a personalised and comfortable one.

For anything that you would like to talk about, we are here to listen. We believe in the therapeutic value of having an attentive listener giving you 100 percent of their attention. Common topics include mental health issues, stress, anxiety, fobia, depression, and addiction. We also cover developmental issues in children, inter-personal issues in couples & families, mindfulness, and work or career related issues such as selection advice, motivation and advancements.

We also pride ourselves in our work with intercultural issues, adjustments to life in Jakarta and on how to good retain (mental) health at home.

Counseling is a very private matter and your privacy is of the utmost importance. Anything you share with your counsellor is treated with complete confidentiality. This means that none of the things discussed during your sessions may be shared with anyone else. Upon request, our services may be offered at a location of your preference, this way counseling is most discrete.

The very first time you meet with your counselor, there are usually many new things to talk about. Therefore, we take some extra time – the intake sessions is 120 minutes. All regular counseling sessions after that are 60 minutes.

All counselors at Pondok Indah International Counseling are certified psychologists. Our counselors hold degrees in clinical psychology and business & organisational psychology. In combination with a range of training in therapeutic methods, psychometric testing, ethics, mindfulness and selection methods, our counselors’ experience qualifies them to guide you through your personal process.

We consider the face-to-face interaction with your counselor to be a valuable and therapeutic part of your experience. We do however understand that you may have special needs or reservations. We offer our services outside of our office and counseling and advice are available via video conference, telephone call – regular information and contact are available via Whatsapp messaging.

In order to accommodate you as soon as possible, we do recommend that you make an appointment. You can request an appointment directly and one of our counselors will get back to you shortly. Would you like to learn more about our services first, then send us an inquiry or contact us directly via email, telephone or Whatsapp message.

Pondok Indah International Counseling offers specific services to companies and organisations. We believe that when it comes to the needs of your company and employees, you know best! Contact us. Share your ideas and together we will set up a program that suits your organisation’s needs. Common programs cover mental health issues, motivation, how to stay (mentally) healthy at work, work-life balance and burnout prevention. We offer counseling packages for your employees, training sessions and presentations.

At Pondok Indah International Counseling we do not directly prescribe or dispense medication. For anyone with mental or physical conditions that may require medication, we offer a multi- disciplinary approach to our services, via our working partnership with the Good Practice medical clinic in Kemang, Jakarta. Upon request, we offer consultation with a medical doctor for all of your physical and medicinal needs.

Have you not found your answers here yet? Feel free to contact us, via email, telephone, sms or Whatsapp, or send us an inquiry. A qualified counselor will get back to you and answer all of your questions.