Post: Health Talk

A very warm welcome to all the new students, parents & teachers at Jakarta Intercultural School.

At the start of every new school year, the JIS parents volunteer team introduces everyone who is new to the ins and outs of living in Jakarta. This introduction includes a Health Talk held by Dr. Steven Graaf from the Good Practice clinic alongside our senior counselor Sasja Breit. A great opportunity to share our local knowledge on all things related to physical and mental health and wellbeing. This year, part of the focus was on the Covid-19 pandemic and on how to stay safe and healthy under these exceptional circumstances.

A big thank you to the JIS community from everyone at Pondok Indah International counseling. We always appreciate our close collaboration.

Are you new to living in Jakarta, or do you have any concerns or questions related to physical and mental health issues? Please reach out and share your questions with us!

Pondok Indah International Counseling
Good Practice